Edvard Munch, Selvportrett I Helvvette (Self-Portrait in Hell), 1903

Ecstasy and Resignation

Max Ernst 
"Trollens styfdotter" by John Bauer, 1915.

Toyen. Cover Design for André Breton’s Spojite Nadoby (Vessels). Czechoslovakia. 1934.

From American Climax. Michael M Koehler

Franz von Bayros (1866 - 1924) - Frivole Szene Im Bildhaueratelier, 1907

Mario Giacomelli
Tristezza. ca.1953-56

Temptation of Christ. The Fouquet Missal, 1470-75

‘The law of electrical attraction and repulsion’, from Samuel H. Monell’s ‘Electricity in Health and Disease’, pub. 1907

Anonymous [George Combe?] Outlines of Phrenology, or of the Philosophy of Man, Founded by Drs Gall and Spurzheim. Edinburgh: P. Neill, 1822
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